Lifeline services for persons at risk and confined to their homes was initiated and 100% operated by the Ladysmith Healthcare Auxiliary for many years. The original equipment and service was replaced by Philips Lifeline in a partnership arrangement that ensures that the best modern equipment and monitoring is available to keep pace with changes in technologies.

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The Ladysmith Health Care Auxiliary  is proud to have partnered with Philips Lifeline to provide to the community the  Lifeline service.  We take comfort in knowing that our residents can continue to live confidently and independently in their own homes with the reassurance that help is available at the push of a button.

Lifeline is an easy-to-use medical alert service that lets you summon help any time of the day or night, even if you can't speak. All you have to do is press your Personal Help Button, worn on a wristband  or pendant, and a trained Personal Response Centre Associate will ensure you get help fast.

    The Lifeline service is ideal for anyone who:

•  Lives alone or is alone a good part of the day

        •  Is at risk for falls
        •  Manages a medical condition or is recovering from surgery
        •  Has a caregiver who needs greater peace of mind

Philips Lifeline is the perfect complement to the range of services offered by Ladysmith Health Care Auxiliary. Additionally, when you subscribe to the Lifeline program you support the Auxiliary.

Getting Lifeline

To enquire or book a consultation with a Philips Lifeline Representative, call (250) 245-5211  or visit

Silent Guardian

The Ladysmith Silent Guardian Fund financially supports the needs of medically at risk individuals requiring Lifeline services in order to stay at home.  All Silent Guardian recipients are referred from Island Health - Ladysmith Home and Community Care.

Ladysmith Healthcare Auxiliary Silent Guardian Coordinator:

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