In celebration of Earth Day (April 22), the Ladysmith Thrift Store is bundling Zero Waste Car Kits designed to help us all reduce single-use plastic waste “on the go”.

Each Zero Waste Car Kit is contained within 1 flat-bottomed reusable shopping bag, designed for you to keep in the back of your car.

Each re-useable shopping bag contains:

  1. A reusable water bottle with lid – to take your cold beverage with you,
  2. A reusable coffee mug with lid – to get your coffee to go and avoid the single use coffee cup,
  3. 1 metal fork, knife and spoon, so you can forego the plastic cutlery,
  4. 1 cloth napkin, to wash and reuse as often as you need,
  5. 2 pieces of lidded reusable containers (like Tupperware), so you can take your restaurant leftovers home and skip the clamshell, and
  6. A second reusable shopping bag so you can easily take it into the grocery store and skip the plastic bag.

*** Each kit will be unique, made up of locally donated items, but this photo is a sample***

We are bundling these for $4.76, so they are exactly $5.00 with tax.  Buy one for your own car and get a couple more as gifts for your friends and family, so we can all celebrate Earth Day on the go and reduce our single use plastic or paper waste.

Of course, every day is Earth Day at the Thrift Store, where we always reduce waste, re-use and re-purpose your donations for a great cause – our local health care.  Please stop in and browse – you never know what treasures you may find at our amazing prices!