Doing the historical research to find the above information was a long process with dead ends, false leads and unexpected findings. Crucial documents had gone missing and some information presented as fact turned out to be false. However all the searching was worthwhile. I got a fascinating glimpse into the world of people who came before us. I also shared something with them, in this case being a proud member the Ladysmith Health Care Auxiliary. As I read and researched, I found I developed a sense of connection with the women of early Ladysmith, reaching back to them through time. Hope you will find the following summary of my findings interesting. The topics are:

  1. Ladysmith, 1909 – 1911
  2. An Auxiliary is formed
  3. Early Auxiliary Achievements.

On July 7, 1909 at a meeting held at 8 pm at Ladysmith City Hall, the Ladies Hospital Auxiliary was formed, now known as the Ladysmith Health Care Auxiliary. To read the entire article – click here

We hope you will consider joining the Auxiliary to help us continue the work of supporting community wellness and health care, which as you will see the Auxiliary has been doing since 1909.

Applications are available on this website and at the Thrift Store at 910 1st. Ave. Ladysmith.

Also, if you know of any more of the founding members of the Ladysmith Healthcare Auxiliary, I would be most interested to hear about them. Contact Pam Fraser