Our History

The Ladysmith Health Care Auxiliary began in 1909 as a small group of local women donating their services to perform various tasks at the local hospital. Over the years the organization and functions of the Auxiliary progressed from in-hospital help and small fund raising events to become a vibrant community entity with over 250 members that operates various health care associated programs. We can proudly say we have one of the best thrift stores and gift shops on Vancouver Island. With the change of our local hospital from a full service facility to a community health care centre, the focus on where our funds are directed has also changed.

We are lucky to live in a community as caring as Ladysmith. Just how caring is reflected in a long history of philanthropic organisations in the town. For an in depth article about the history of caring in Ladysmith click here.

Who We Are Today

The Ladysmith Healthcare Auxiliary is a not-for-profit charity. We are governed under the Societies Act of BC and registered with Canada Revenue Agency. All the net profits of the Auxiliary are used for the benefit of our community. Spending priorities are decided at regular meetings of our members.

(from left to right) Lynn Nightingale, Ruth Goodbody, Bonnie Weisz, Suzanne Cross, Keith Sheraton, Pam Fraser, Margaret Shaw, Larry Shaw, Lorraine Dumont and Nairne Culver.

Our 2020 Executive

  • President: Jennifer Forrest (missing from photo)
  • Vice President: Ruth Goodbody
  • Corresponding Secretary: Eithne Reichert
  • Recording Secretary: Margaret Shaw
  • Treasurer: Larry Shaw
  • Co-Treasurer: Lorraine Dumont
  • Director of Membership: Nairne Culver
  • Director of Public Relations: Lynn Nightingale
  • Member at Large: Keith Sheraton
  • Past President: Pam Fraser

Our Constitution

1. The name of the Society is: “Ladysmith Healthcare Auxiliary”.

2. The purpose of the Society is:

(a) To raise money for equipment to be donated for use in health care facilities

(b) To raise and donate money or equipment to other health related projects or lifesaving projects

(c) To provide services and assistance to persons in need of health care due to illness, injury,

disease, aging or infirmity

(d) To provide for upkeep of the Memorial Gardens

(e) Generally, to do anything to assist health care facilities and home care providers to provide the

best possible health care and comfort to patients and clients, and

(f) To promote community health and wellness by donations of money, equipment, assistance or