Unfortunately, receiving is closed from April 12 – 15, 2021 due to the Town of Ladysmith mandated curb repair. We can not accept donations during this period.


We are only accepting clean, freshly washed, saleable clothing and household items at this time.

  1. These bags are to be placed on the receiving table.
  2. A limit of 2 bags, 2 boxes or one of each per customer will be accepted.
  3. All items will be screened in your presence.
  4. All household items must be removed from boxes and placed into the provided bins to be disinfected.
  5. Rejected items will be returned to you for your disposal.

When you make a donation, please bring it during our open hours. When items are left outside the gate after we have closed, they can get ruined by the weather or stolen. There is often a big mess to clean up when bags are broken open and contents spread out on the sidewalk.

PLEASE DO NOT BRING US broken, soiled or damaged items.

The disposal of those items costs money that could otherwise be available for donations to health initiatives in our community.


  • clothing, shoes & boots
  • linens, blankets and sleeping bags
  • reusable shopping bags, egg cartons, cookie tins and fancy boxes
  • personal care products
  • hardware & electrical items, tools
  • housewares, small appliances
  • pictures & frames
  • collectibles, antiques & ornaments
  • light fixtures & lamps
  • clocks, watches, jewelry
  • books & magazines
  • seasonal decorations
  • fabric, sewing supplies, sewing machines
  • craft supplies, silk flowers
  • toys, games, puzzles, dolls
  • sports equipment, bicycles, skates, skis & snowboards
  • auto accessories
  • office & school supplies
  • video & audio recordings (no copies), records & related equipment
  • pet supplies
  • garden supplies
  • cash donations


  • TV’s & microwaves
  • computers & monitors
  • baby car seats & walkers
  • helmets of any kind
  • furniture & mattresses
  • paints & chemicals
  • copied audio & video tapes
  • items that are broken


Donations from our community are the heart of our organization. We are thankful to all residents of the greater Cowichan Valley, Ladysmith and Nanimo regions that contribute items for sale in our Thrift Store and Gift Shop.

In Memoriam and Bequeathal Donations

You may like to make a financial donation in memory of a loved one as a positive way of commemorating a life lived.

To donate, please send your cheque to:

Ladysmith Healthcare Auxiliary

PO Box 1151

Ladysmith, BC V9G 1A8

Please remember to include your name, address and any other contact information. We will send you a tax receipt. Also include the name and address of the person you wish to honour. We will then inform the family of your gift.

Perhaps you would like to bequeath a portion of your Estate or your Will to the Ladysmith Healthcare Auxiliary? Please send your letter of intent to the address. above.

We are grateful for your generosity.