Donation History:

Thanks to generous donations from our community and the hard work and dedication of our loyal volunteers, the Ladysmith Health Care Auxiliary is able to donate each year to health care related causes, medical equipment, wellness initiatives and health related non-profit societies that benefit members of our community. From 2002 to end of 2021 the Ladysmith Health Care Auxiliary has funded over $6,200,000. For a detailed list of donations by year click on the link below.


2023 Donation Total: $267,078

2022 Donation Total: $241,543

2021 Donation Total: $201,012

2020 Donation Total: $139,564

2019 Donation Total: $270,000

Our donation to LRCA for $30,000 donation on April 19, 2023 for the Early Years and Senior Advocacy Programs. Participating in the presentation were (left to right) LHCA Corresponding Secretary Paula Scott, LRCA Executive Director Karen Laing, LRCA Board President Sandra Marquis, and LRCA President Eithne Reichert.

2024 Donations:

  • Variety The Children’s Charity: $5,000
  • Ladysmith Community Health Centre: $36,042 for IV warmer, ECG machine, i-STAT blood analyzer
  • Royal Canadian Legion Poppy Fund: $2,000 (2023, 2024)
  • Ladysmith Air Cadets: $2,500 for First Aid Training

Funding Application Criteria:

Organizations who meet the following criteria may make a request for funding:

1.    Are a non-profit or charity organization or association

2.    Funding is required for health care and/or community wellness

3.    Benefits people of Ladysmith and surrounding area

4.    Benefits health care facilities used by residents of Ladysmith and surrounding area

5.    Only one request per year per organization

6.    We do not contribute to funds used towards GST, PST or shipping.

Funding Application Procedures:

Organizations who wish to apply for funding from the Ladysmith Health Care Auxiliary are asked to do so using the Donation Request form below. If your organization has various departments, please ensure they collaborate in making one funding request per year. 

Requests will be submitted for consideration to our membership at General Meetings.

Note: We do not contribute to funds used toward wages, GST, PST or shipping.

Donation Request Forms

Request by Mail: If you wish to submit your request by mail, click on the button labelled Donation Request Form (pdf) to download a form for completion and mail it to the contact information provided. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open the form.

Request by Email: We also accept email requests. If you use Office 365, click on the button labelled Donation Request Form (MS Word) to download a fillable form for completion and submit it to the email address provided. You will need Microsoft Word to open the form.