Ladysmith Healthcare Auxiliary

Gift Shop

We are very happy to announce that items from the Gift Shop have been brought to the Thrift Store for sale. These include baby blankets, outfits, hand knitted socks and dishcloths with scrubbers. Prices range from $8 to $30 depending on the item. These locally handcrafted items were lovingly made and donated to the Ladysmith Healthcare Auxiliary Gift Shop prior to the outbreak of COVID-19 and have been in storage. All items have been individually wrapped and are located in their own section of the Thrift Store. Thank you to all the residents of Ladysmith and surrounding municipalities who support our efforts to assist the healthcare needs of our community!

A variety of new gift items are stocked for sale including both purchased goods and hand-crafted items generously donated by our community of knitters and crafters.

100% of the net proceeds of sales are directed to healthcare related projects sponsored by the Auxiliary.

We are in need of knitters and crafters to help keep our gift shop shelves full. Baby items, quilts, fabric hot pads are just a few of the items that we sell. Yarn is available for knitters. We are always open to other suggestions for items to sell.